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What does an Interior designer do?

Well there is a common misbelief about the purpose of getting your home or place designed, we only consider the aesthetic value the designers add to the place be it in the form of color selection, classy furniture or perfect matching curtains. But this is not it, the actual process go much beyond that, an interior designer creates a space that is functional, efficient and safe and enhances the quality of the working and living environment. It tends to add harmony in everything so installed.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior designers are professionally trained individuals licensed with a professional license. While both designers and decorators are concerned with aesthetics, style and mood, interior designers have more of a comprehensive approach, they are professionally trained and use their analytic approach while working. Decorators on the other hand work only with surface decoration – paint, fabric, furnishings, lighting and other materials.

Why do we need to have the services of an Interior Designer?

As discussed above a designers adds to the aesthetic as well as functionality of the space. They will work on the structural planning in a way that your place become a clear reflection of your lifestyle, will add beauty to the architectural features. Whether it is about a mere color selection or an entire redesigning project, the expertise of a professional designer will be invaluable. They can even strike best deals with trusted artisans, vendors and others who execute the design. With their experience with similar projects will provide you best quality results.

How much can hiring an Interior Designer cost?

Well Interior designers have various fee structures that is based on the scope of work. They might charge an hourly rate; a flat fee, which could be as low as several thousand dollars and as high as five figures; or a percentage of total project costs. Even if you are on a low budget don’t assume that you cannot hire one for your space. You can get a few hours consulting with some meagre charges.

What basic arenas will the designer be working on?

  • Schematics, space planning, lighting design, renderings, working drawings and finish selections of new materials
  • Design of custom window and bedding treatments, shades or blinds
  • Preparation of estimates and purchasing
  • Coordination with contractors, architects and installers
  • Subsequent consultations with the client and suppliers
  • Researching sources for materials or products
  • Overall project management and overseeing installations

How to select a designer for your space?

First of all you, the choice of designer depends on the space that you want to get designed, is it your home, workplace or some residential building. Accordingly, you can shortlist the Designers who have worked on similar such projects. Then interview the designer and see for yourself which one best suits to your taste and understands your needs for that look for parallels between their previous work and the design you want.

What shou

  • Collect pictures from magazines and photos of items and decors that appeal to you.
  • Keep on your mind the colors, styles and affects you are looking for.
  • What kind of style you are looking for -formal or casual, traditional or contemporary?
  • Be clear about your objective and lifestyle needs.
  • Establish a timeline within which you want the work to be done.

What should I expect as a client of a certified interior designer?
You should expect to be provided with:

  • A description of the designer’s qualifications;
  • Names of former clients as references;
  • A clear and complete description of the work that will be done and the products that will be delivered;
  • A project schedule, including terms of payment; and,
  • Final plans, specifications and reports that contain the signature of the certified interior designer.
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